1898 Okemah townsite selected and surveyed by Perry Rodkey and H. B. Dexter.
April 22nd, 1902 Town Opened Okemah was opened on April 22, 1902. In March, 1902, H.B. Dexter, Perry Rodkey and others sought Indians eligible to receive allotments, for the purpose of filing upon the land to be occupied by the proposed town.
History of Okemah by Perry Rodkey
12 May 1903 First train of the Fort Smith and Western railroad reaches Okemah

First Baptist and First Methodist Churches of Okemah open.
22 September 1904 Boley platted and formal opening held
Okemah's first school built and opened on the Old Wilson school site.
1907 Noble school completed and named after Miss Mae Noble.. Okfuskee County Population 15,595. 1908 23 April The Dexter House, an Okemah boarding house, is bombed.
14 July 1912 Woody Guthrie Born Poet, Songwriter and Champion of the little man. Find out more below...
1926 First Baptist Church of Okemah moves to new building at Fifth and Ash. 1927 Okfuskee County courthouse building completed.
23 January 1930 William Reid Pogue Born William Reid Pogue (January 23, 1930 – March 3, 2014) was an American astronaut and test pilot.
23 November 1932 Pretty Boy Floyd's men attempt to rob Farmers and Merchants Bank, all three killed in gunfight.
1936 Okemah's new post office building is dedicated.
1967 Woody Guthrie, dies in New York of Huntington's Disease.
1973 William R. Pogue pilots Skylab 4 Skylab Gallery